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I love you this bigEyes have never seen… this bigNo-one’s ever dreamed… this bigAnd I’ll spend the rest of my lifeExplaining what words cannot describe but, I’ll tryI love you this big

I love you this big
Eyes have never seen… this big
No-one’s ever dreamed… this big
And I’ll spend the rest of my life
Explaining what words cannot describe but, I’ll try
I love you this big

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3 years ago

Posted on May 26th at 10:07 AM
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Kelvin Gerald Lazatin De Guzman

20 years old. Born on the day of the saints. A happy go lucky person who enjoys his life a nursing student. He loves music. He likes the music of Eraserheads, The Black Eyed Peas, Paramore, Usher, Far East Movement and Bruno Mars. He wants to travel the world. He wants to be successful. He has a lot of dreams and aspirations and he will achieve it one step at a time.

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